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PNotes Portable version 7.5 released

PNotes Portable version 7.5 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.

Posted by oldlamer 2011-03-17

PNotes 7.5 released

PNotes 7.5 released. See full list of changes:

Posted by oldlamer 2011-02-25

PNotes Portable version 7.0 released

PNotes Portable version 7.0 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.

Posted by oldlamer 2010-11-23

PNotes U3 package for version 6.0 added

PNotes U3 package for version 6.0 added. Thanks to Jan Thonemann.

Posted by oldlamer 2010-11-23

PNotes 7.0 released

PNotes 7.0 released. See full list of changes:

Posted by oldlamer 2010-11-11

PNotes Portable version 6.5 released

PNotes Portable version 6.5 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.

Posted by oldlamer 2010-09-18

PNotes 6.5 released

PNotes 6.5 released. See full list of changes:

Posted by oldlamer 2010-08-20

PNotes U3 package for version 6.0 added

PNotes U3 package for version 6.0 added. Thanks to Jan Thonemann.

Posted by oldlamer 2010-06-18

PNotes Portable version 6.0 released

PNotes Portable version 6.0 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.

Posted by oldlamer 2010-06-18

PNotes 6.0 released

Fixed bugs:
* Improper text displaying for right-to-left languages
* Processing hot keys for note (hot key works on all notes instead of selected one) (discovered by zw963)
* System tray icon restore after restarting of Window Explorer (discovered by hwq0086)
* Bullets/numbering menu: the menu disappears after changing hot key on Behavior page
* Bug in uninstaller script, which led to deleting "data" and "backup" folders during uninstallation or upgrading
* Minor bugs with language switching on Control Panel
New features:
* Different sounds for each note (suggested by patswovelin)
* Added option to duplicate current note (suggested by snorrt)
* Different transparency levels for each note (suggested by winds350)
* Added option to set hot-keys for show/hide groups menu items (suggested by David Naylor)
* Two new commands added to groups tree view: "Show group (include subgroups)" and "Hide group (include subgroups)" (suggested by ucr)
* For schedule types "Repeat Every:" and "After:" added option to choose program start as starting point (suggested by zw963)
* Added fourth optional command line parameter to -conf or -config switch: path/directory of notes.pnid file. In this way you can use the program with the same notes from different location, specifying common data directory and different notes.pnid locations (suggested by tullio99)
* The click on clock icon of scheduled note will now bring up Schedule dialog (suggested by oleg)
* Added "Show All Favorites" menu item to main pop-up menu (suggested by horstepp2)
* Added check for overdue notes when computer resumes after standby (suggested by pbosoni)
* More optional actions added to double click on system tray icon
* Option to show alarmed notes on their original position instead of screen center (suggested by oleg)
* Switches for all notes (protection mode, high priority etc) added to main pop-up menu
* Added new color chooser for colors management
* Added some effects like fluent notes closing and playing sound
* Notes are brought up by left click on tray icon (not by right click) (suggested by btriffles)
* Changed About dialog

Posted by oldlamer 2010-04-29

PNotes Portable version 5.5 released

PNotes Portable version 5.5 released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great New Year's gift!

Posted by oldlamer 2009-12-31

Software Requirements Specification added

Added Software Requirements Specification. An excellent work of Christos Batzilis (batzilis). Thank you, Christos!

Posted by oldlamer 2009-12-23

PNotes 5.5 released

*   Added password protection (include program locking). (oliver_sahr)
* Added ability to store notes as encrypted files.
* Added ability to save notes backup copies and restore from them. (oliver_sahr)
* Added "Monthly (exact date)" schedule type (e.g. at 23 every month at 23:42). (jbsiu)
* Added "Monthly (day of week) schedule type (e.g. each second Monday every month at 15:17). (jbsiu)
* Added "Start From" parameter to "Repeat Every" schedule type. (Oleg)
* Added different numbering styles in addition to simple bullets.
* Bulleted/numbered paragraphs are now indented.
* Added "No bullets" menu item to bullets/numbering menu. (horstepp2)
* Bullets/numbering menu items are checked accordingly to selected text style.
* Added option to prevent showing notes in windows list on Alt+Tab. (sigei)
* Added quick search box to Control Panel - which allows quickly search notes by their titles. (tvrman)
* Added ability to fit notes width to caption width when rolled after double click on caption. (Sven)
* Added option to save notes without prompt while hiding them. (Raleigh034)
* "Save As" replaced with "Rename". (jpdag)
* Fixed bug when notes are not saved on program closing/restarting.
* Fixed some translation lacks.
* Changed look of Preferences dialog.
* Help file is removed from download package and appears as standalone download.
* Added online help.
* Thanks to all people helped me to develop and test this release!
Posted by oldlamer 2009-12-23

Setup program added

Added standard Setup for PNotes (thanks to Vincent Duvernet for idea and support).

Posted by oldlamer 2009-09-03

PNotes 5.0.112 released

The main huge improvement: changed internal way the notes are kept, i.e. no windows are created for hidden or deleted notes. This prevents program slowness and possible memory problems. (nascent)
Added option to alert about overdue notes on program start. This option is disabled by default, in order to use it user should check 'Preferences' -> 'Schedule' -> 'Track overdue reminders'. If there is any overdue note, the dialog box with these notes will appear on program start. By double click on each item in list user could set up its schedule type or clear it. Tracking each note could be disabled by checking appropriate check box on note's schedule dialog. (oliver_sahr)
Added option to print note's contents.
Added preview pane to Control Panel. Now user doesn't have to open hidden notes to read their contents. (horstepp2 and oliver_sahr)
Added option to create new note from clipboard contents. (oliver_sahr)
Hot keys can now be assigned to both main menu and single note menu commands.
Added note's high priority flag, allows to set note's priority. (oliver_sahr)
Added note's "complete" flag, allows to mark the tasks as complete. (oliver_sahr)
Added option to lock note's contents against accidental changing. (juapar2)
Dropping a file onto note now provides a user with two possible choices: adding a contents of a file to note or adding a link to file to note's contents. (beerbrommer)
In addition to searchin notes by contents added ability to search notes by their title (or fragment of title). (horstepp2)
Added ability to send multiple notes as attachments in one email.
User can now define the program behavior after double click on program icon in system tray. (oliver_sahr)
Groups in Control Panel are now sorted alphabetically. (oliver_sahr)
Count of notes in each group in Control Panel is now shown in brackets next to group name. (oliver_sahr)
Columns for priority, complete state and protection mode added to Control Panel. It allows notes to be easily sorted by these properties as well. (oliver_sahr)
Added command for bringing all currently visible notes to front. (dintyma)
After choosing in Favorites the note will appear in its original location instead of center of screen. (aquabon)
After double click on note in Control Panel the note will become visible in its original position instead of centralizing.
"Adjust" command for single note is split into two different commands: "Adjust Appearance" and "Adjust Schedule". (horstepp2)
Added menu command to roll/unroll tne note. (s_djukic)
Added option to invert text color of notes with random background color. (nascent)
Adjustable preview window background color. (oliver_sahr)
Some hot keys are set by default (like Ctrl+S, Ctrl+P) and there are number of common keys combination unallowable for use as hot keys (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X etc) because other programs will not get these messages. (rickytbf)
Fixed bug with missed groups in Control Panel, which resulted in program crash. (oliver_sahr)
Fixed improper notes positioning after moving notes from wide screen to regular or from multiple screens system to single screen.
Fixed formatting problems.

Posted by oldlamer 2009-08-20

PNotes 4.7 released

*   Bug fixed: choosing "Empty recycle bin" on pop-up menu deletes all notes (discovered by baggio1987)
* Bug fixed: Alt+F4 closes note (discovered by baggio1987)
* Bug fixed: the "On Top" menu item becomes disable after docking (discovered by rickytbf)
* Bug fixed: notes don't appear in front after applying "Show All" if there is no any hidden note (discovered by rickytbf)
* Bug fixed: transparency mask doesn't fit skin when docking (discovered by anonymous user)
* Bug fixed: improper "Weekday" schedule type functionality (discovered by many users)
* Added thin border for skinless notes (suggested by rickytbf)
Posted by oldlamer 2009-06-02

U3 package for version 4.5 added

U3 package for version 4.5 created by Tomcat

Posted by oldlamer 2009-04-08

PNotes Portable version 4.5 released

PNotes Portable version 4.5 released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great work and to all staff.

Posted by oldlamer 2009-02-04

PNotes 4.5 released

Favorites system - right click on note's non-client area and choose Add To Favorites (Remove From Favorites).

Custom fonts - fonts should be in 'fonts' directory within the program directory. Then follow 'Preferences --> Appearance --> Use custom fonts'. Fonts are registered for private use of program and unregistered after the program exits.

Sending note via e-mail as attachment. MS Outlook users - Outlook tries to treat .pnote files as simple RTF files and even changes their extension to .rtf while receiving - Wit Works Woe! Save the file as .pnote and continue to work with it.

Loading note from .pnote file.

Recycle Bin (like in Windows, if you hold left Shift while deleting, the note will be destroyed permanently). Emptying/restoring of Recycle Bin can be made via Control Panel.

Instead of 'Show All', 'Hide All' there are now 'Show Groups', 'Hide Groups' menu items in the system tray popup menu, allow you to show/hide specified groups of notes (or show/hide all notes).

Autosave operation will now include newly created notes as well.

Prompt to load autosaved notes after program crash will now appear only if there is at least one autosaved note.

New scheduler type - 'Weekly'. It allows selection of 1 - 7 weekdays and time. The program will alarm you each selected weekday at selected time.

New scheduler type - 'After'. It allows selection of start date/time and amount of [years][months][weeks][days][hours][minutes][seconds]. The program will alarm you after this amount is reached.

Added option to show Control Panel on program start.

Posted by oldlamer 2008-11-29

PNotes: U3 package for PNotes v4.0 added

PNotes is light-weight, flexible, skinnable manager of virtual notes on your desktop. It supports multiple languages, individual note's settings, transparency and scheduling. Absolutely portable as well - no traces in registry.

U3 package of PNotes (includes all language files available at the moment) created by UnderMiner (available at

Posted by oldlamer 2008-08-29

PNotes 4.0 released

*  Added search/replace capabilities (for all notes or for individual note).
* Added docking to any side of screen (each note can be docked/undocked individually or all notes can be docked/undocked).
* Added ability to randomize color of newly created skinless notes.
* Added checking for new program version (automatically or manually).
* Setting newly created note "on-top" is now optional.
* Added options to hide/show toolbar on notes.
* Formatting commands (like at note's toolbar) added to note popup menu under "Format" submenu.
* Days interval added to "pester" schedule type.
* Autosave will works only for changed notes.
* Added relational notes positioning.
* Added ability to add any info to skin (up to 255 characters) and displaying this info at skin preview window.
* Common note's font sample is now drawn at skin preview window.
* Added support for vertical skin's toolbars.
* Bug fixed - tooltips were hidden for "on-top" notes.
* Bug fixed - status bar of Control Panel was not renewed on delete/new.
* Bug fixed - improper rolled notes resizing.
* Bug fixed - on some machines menus display squares instead of TAB characters.
* Bug fixed - command line switches -x, -xs didn't work.
* Bug fixed - redrawing problem during fast user switching on XP machines.
Posted by oldlamer 2008-08-23

PNotes Portable released.

PNotes Portable released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great work and to all staff.

Posted by oldlamer 2008-05-29

U3 package for PNotes v3.5 added

U3 package of PNotes (includes all language files available at the moment) created by UnderMiner (available at

Posted by oldlamer 2008-03-30

PNotes 3.5 released

*  Added ability to create and modify notes groups via Control Panel.
* Added visual notification for scheduled notes.
* Restored note's context menu (right-click on edit box).
* Skinless notes may be rolled to caption size (or restored) by double click on caption.
* Transparency of note will not change on mouse events, like Enter or Leave, but on changing focus only.
* Added command to restore note's placement - in some cases notes got negative size and/or location and disappeared.
* Bug fixed - prevented improper resizing of skinless notes.
* Bug fixed - new note moved on creation to the top of windows hierarchy.
* Bug fixed - setting schedule type to "pester" did not affect immediately, if previous schedule type wasn't "No".
* Bug fixed - timer of "pester" schedule type resets to 0 while changing skin.
* Bug fixed - transparent note became opaque while saving it from Control Panel.
* Help file size greatly decreased.
* Many thanks to forum staff (as usual), Nigel Pentland and Pierre Richer for testing and suggestions
Posted by oldlamer 2008-03-12

U3 packages added

Two U3 packages of PNotes (include English only and all language files respectively) are now avalable for download at The packages are created by UnderMiner.

Posted by oldlamer 2008-02-22