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Anybody working on an Android version?

  • First, I'd just like to say that PNotes is probably the best program for desktop notes available on Windows, bar none. My hat's off to oldlamer for his work on this over the years.

    I really miss this app when I'm traveling "light", i.e., without my computer. Since I almost always have my phone (and sometimes tablet) with me, I'd love to see an implementation of PNotes for Android. Does anybody know of any cross-platform projects in the works? If not, I'd like to look into it myself-- maybe investigate porting the original C code to Java. We could perhaps start with with a lightweight PNotes client, and scale in more features as time goes on.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • oldlamer

    My hat's off to oldlamer for his work

    Thank you!
    AFAIK nobody works on mobile versions - be the first. May be porting of .NET version will be easier than plain C?