print quality / cutswath.c volunteer?

Jon Nicoll
  • Jon Nicoll
    Jon Nicoll

    I notice the intermittent cries for improved print quality, and the pointing of fingers at cutswath.c. I have the skills to work on this, and some desire to do so. I'm not that up to speed on the innter workings of pnm2ppa though, so, in the intersets of saving time, and getting me started asap, is there anyone who could fill me in on what needs to be done?

        Jon Nicoll

    • Duncan

      sorry I havent looked here for a long time.

      The best thing to do would be to seperate the pnm and ppa parts of
      pnm2ppa and instead use gimp-print
      to generate the
      image, and write a backend to send it as
      ppa instructions to the printer.

      A simpler improvement to pnm2ppa would be
      to improve the details of cutswath.c.

      I dont have time or motivation to do this
      but if you wanted to work on this I could
      provide some advice.  (I didnt write
      pnm2ppa, but hacked at the almost-working version to make it work properly.  I have some understanding
      of parts of it but not all!)

      email me
      if you are still interested.