#21 crashing W95 HP spooler through Samba

Robert Grasso


I am running Mandrake 7.1 on a P-200, and W95 on a 486. I connected both yesterday using Samba, everything works fine with the filesystems. Then I tried to print on my DeskJet 710C. At the moment, I would like to keep it connected on W95, as the driver includes management tools. So I tried to print across Samba from Mandrake; well, after some little problems (need to use printtool and not printerdrake, also, printtool 3.44 has a bug : the configuration file /var/spool/lpd/lp0/.config which contains the user,password,workgroup and so on for W95 is created with the rights 640, so it inhibits smbprint for any non-root user. I just mailed it to RedHat, printerdrake correctly sets 644) it seemed that I cannot send anything. But I printed quite normally if the printer was connected to /dev/lp0. So I succeeded to get the binary data sent by ps-to-printer.fpi into a file : when I send these data on the printer connected (hardware wired) on Linux :

cat file > /dev/lp0

the data are printed correctly

but if I send them on the printer connected (hardware wired) on W95 :

copy /b file lpt1

it crashes some HP tool called HPFBKG13.exe (must be the spooler ?) then I must reboot W95 - and of course nothing was printed.

The HP CD version for the driver is 10.3

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Robert Grasso


  • Duncan

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  • Duncan

    pnm2ppa is designed to print to a PPA printer physically attached to
    the Linux/Unix/BeOs computer running it.

    If you use samba to print over a network to a printer attached to
    a system running windows, the translation of your document
    into PPA instructions should be done by HP's software running
    on the Windows system, and will not involve pnm2ppa on the Linux

    If you capture pnm2ppa output, copy it to the windows system,
    and manage to send it as raw output
    directly to the printer it should in principle
    print (it is a raw stream of PPA instructions) unless it gets intercepted by some windows printing software.

    If the windows system has postscript emulation software that can
    make the HP710C appear to the windows system it is attached to as a
    postscript printer, you should be able to print from the
    Mandrake system to the Windows-hosted printer using samba.

    This doesnt use pnm2ppa,