freetype problems

  • I am trying to build a simple test program (quickstart) which apparently uses calls to  Freetype-2.3.4.  I'm using an Anjuta compiler on Suse 10.2.  Pngwriter seems to be causing no problemss but when I try a build I get a message that in usr/local/include/ft2build.h the file freetype/config/ftheader.h does not exist.
    I've used the find command to locate this file and it does exist so I've tried moving it around; no balloons, no refreshments, no Mariachi band.  At this point I've used the INSTALL.UNIX instructions and maybe this has been a mistake.

    Can anybody help?
    Many thanks

    • Paul Blackburn
      Paul Blackburn


      Again, sorry for the late reply.

      Much as I'd love to have the pot-bellied Mariachis sing for you, I can't help much. Projects that use FreeType2 make use of a utility that, when executed, spits out the correct flags that GCC needs to know where to find FreeType2 libraries and headers.

      durandal$ freetype-config
      Usage: freetype-config [OPTIONS] [LIBRARIES]

      Check to see if this utility is reporting the locations correctly, and if your compiler is getting the right locations when called via make.