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PMPlib (EasyPMP) 0.14 alpha released.

We am pleased to announce that PMPlib 0.14 was released with numerous enhancements and improvements.

* Implemented playlist conversion for iriver E10 (pmp_iriverplus3).
* Added the support for MSI MEGA PLAYER 540 in pmp_portalplayer1.
* Added the support of Ogg Vorbis for Samsung YH-920.
* On-the-fly playlist conversion from M3U/PLS playlist file located on the PC. Use -P (--playlist-source) option to configure the source directory.
* Configurable paths to music and playlist directories.
* Display supported firmware versions, audio codecs, and file extensions.
* Suppress flickering in the progress report.
* Report file names from which EasyPMP failed to obtain the media information.
* Report names of music files whose artist or album names are empty as they may be moved to "Unknown artist" or "Unkonwn album" section.
* Changed the default character encoding for non-unicode ID3v1/ID3v2 tags to ISO-8859-1.
* Fixed several bugs in reading/writing the database for iriver E10.
* Improved the routine for writing the iriver E10 database with the latest knowledge.
* Fixed a crash reported at the forum (thanks jonof).
* Fixed a bug in playlist conversion with -f (--find-missing) option on POSIX environments.
* Fixed a bug in database update for PortalPlayer devices on POSIX environments.
* Applied two patches for libid3tag for bug-fixes (Win32 version).
* Updated the JavaScript engine to SpiderMonkey 1.6 (Win32 version).
* Distribute RPM packages, pmplib, pmplib-tools, and pmplib-devel.
* Grand API restructuring and documentation.
* Install header files for the development to ${PREFIX}/include/pmplib
* Merged libucs2 (ucs2.dll) and libfilepath (filepath.dll) into libpmp (pmp.dll) for simplicity.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2007-02-12

PMPlib (EasyPMP) 0.13 alpha released.

After the short break of the project, we are pleased to announce PMPlib 0.13.

* [Common] New database reader/writer for iriver E10 (pmp_iriverplus3). This is based on the reverse engineering effort done by Nyaochi with the help of hullbr3ach. Playlist conversion for iriver E10 is not implemented yet due to some implementation problems (we need to revise the core API). The playlist conversion is planned in the next release.
* [CUI] Fit long progress reports in a line (done by Sucknblow).
* [Win32] Changed the Win32 compiler to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. If you got an error message reporting missing runtime DLLs, please install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86).
* [Web] Launch the new PMPlib forum.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2007-01-05

PMPlib (EasyPMP) 0.12 alpha released.

We are pleased to announce that PMPlib 0.12 was released with numerous changes and bug-fixes.

- Command line options for easypmp have changed (now easier to type).
- Easypmp now has a manual page.
- Support for Samsung YH-920 added.
- Support iriver H10 [5GB/6GB] UMS firmware 2.53.
- Store file timestamp in Samsung databases to improve database update.
- Automatically detect local character encoding.
- The --list-devices option now outputs to stdout, rather than stderr.
- Fixed crash when updating databases on Samsung devices.
- Fixed crash when reading Ogg Vorbis tags.
- Fixed crash when using --strip-words on files with no artist tag.
- Bug fix in string conversion with iconv.
- Bug fix for stripping words such as 'the' in artist names.
- Bug fix for reading playists using iriverplus2 devices.
- POSIX release now compiles on non-GNU systems, e.g. Mac OS X.
- Show error messages from SpiderMonkey (JavaScript engine).
- Information about copyright owners and licenses now more comprehensive.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2006-08-01

PMPlib (EasyPMP) 0.11 alpha released.

PMPlib (EasyPMP is the only application in PMPlib) 0.11 alpha was released with the source-code distribution for POSIX environments.

- The memorable release of PMPlib source code for POSIX environments.
- A serious bug-fix in playlist conversion for iRiver U10 and H10Jr.
- Implemented a function to strip preceding words such as 'the' in artist names.
- Supported U10 UMS firmware 1.65.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2006-06-07

EasyPMP 0.10 alpha released.

EasyPMP 0.10 alpha was released with the support for iRiver U10 UMS 1.64.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2006-05-25

EasyPMP version 0.9 released

EasyPMP version 0.9 was released.

* Revised the specification of JavaScript playlist for better flexibility. The new specification is totally incompatible with the old one. Please refer to the JSPL documentation.
* Load the media database automatically when enabling JSPL.
* Supported Samsung YH-820 player.
* Supported Samsung YH-925 player (to be confirmed; maybe...)
* Launched the official web site.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2006-05-06