Release 0.04.00 is out!

We improved the plugin integration. And just to test this concept we wrote an UTF-8 converter. Now QEDEQ modules can be shown as UTF-8 texts. Further on we developed a model tester. It is fascinating to see which axioms and propositions also hold for finite models.
We also found some typing errors in our set theory script in this context. Now the "four element model" is our approved model: {}, {{}}, {{}, {{}}} and {{{}}} are the four elements of our model.
And by the way we integrated new icons and made the look and feel for the application a little bit configurable.
Because the model tester costs some time we now have a process overview window. In this window all plugin processes and their status is shown. It is also possible to interrupt running processes. For the new plugins we have config dialogs. The plugin results (usually warnings) can be deleted completely. So we can keep an overview even if we change the model.

Posted by Michael Meyling 2010-12-29