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Assign note on y axis in incremental mode

  • Fulvio Bosco
    Fulvio Bosco

    Hi, i have a lot of fun with your program! :-)  Is it possible, in incremental mode, to assign on an axis a note event? I mean, (like a theremin), the value of the note it would augment with the raise of the value of y axis.  Thx!

    • Ben X Tan
      Ben X Tan

      Of course I can! In fact I did consider adding that feature, but just haven't implemented it yet. I was a bit eager to get it out to the community :) I will add this feature in the next release.

      Glad you had fun using it!

    • Ben X Tan
      Ben X Tan

      Hi fulvio. You will be pleased to know that I have implemented this feature in the current code. If you know how to compile the code, the latest version can be downloaded via SVN (go to the menu above, then Code, then SVN. If patient my friend, and a new release will be out within a few weeks time (hopefully) :)