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PMD eclipse plugin / News: Recent posts

What's new in 1.7 ?

Next release includes PMD popup menus in a nicer PMD submenu. An interesting functionallity was added: the capability of performing large source modifications not based exactly on pmd violations. This is more related to best practices in general. At this moment, the supported operation is to add the final modifier to all method arguments, more actions are to be expected on this area (maybe an extension point too).

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-04-11

1.6.1 on the door

1.6.1. is about to be released. This release includes a simple cache mechanism for quick fixes that makes calling them much, much faster. The difference of time when clicking the quick fix icon (or menu) is significant

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-04-07

What's new in 1.6

1.6 release has incorporated a preference page that currently allows to customize which pmd priority is mapped to what severity in eclipse markers (ie: info error or warning).

Another important change is the pmd customization wizard. This wizard no longer is only to create a brand new hardcoded .pmd.xml file. Now the wizard enables selecting rules from a list of rules. and also editing current configuration (the wizard detects current configuration and selects default rules).... read more

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-04-06

1.5.5 is out

This release contains a simple bug fix that made builder fail in certain occasions (a file move ie)
next release will be 1.6.0, which will add a preference page to enable mapping PMD rule priority to the marker severity

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-04-05

PMD AST viewer in CVS!

An initial (2 hours work) plugin for viewing PMD AST in eclipse in in CVS, primitive and incomplete, but usable

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-31

Serious testing in progress

Due to bug [ 1172701 ] Fix for empty if delets good code (see http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1172701&group_id=132036&atid=723729\)
I've decided that I definitely needed some real good testing on this project, that's why I'm not working in any new features, but rather hacking jdt tests suites to get a good plugin for testing quick fixes.

Please report any problem you find, so I can get to this, as soon as I get some tests working, doing some extensive testing will be a matter time only.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-30

1.5.0 is out with online help

The mayor version increment is due to changes in the plugin.xml extension. Changes in this case are related to the help extension now with some content available.
Next versions will include more online documentation.

A few fixes, as usual, have been added

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-28

1.4.2 is out with pmd 3.0

The latest release of the plugin includes the brand new pmd release, full of new rules and initial java 5 support.
go get it!

pls, be patient with UI, I'm focusing in quick fixes now

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-28

1.4.0 is out

This release includes an amazing new feature:

quick fix all

this feature runs on a project attempting to fix all pmd problems that have only one resolution available

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-23

1.3.4 is out with more quick fixes

I'm currently focusing on providing quick fixes to rules. In the mid term I'm about to focus more on UI.
post your comments

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-21

1.3.2 is out full of quick fixes

and now that I kind of familiar with ast api, more fixes are to be written soon. Also an XPMD menu would be added, to fix many common problems in all project at once... X is from eXtreme

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-11

Ready for testing

The checking and GUI integration seem quite ok.
emphasis is being put in quick fixes now, which are growing fast.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2005-03-09