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Profiles, plugins, extensions...




The -private flag does not work in Pale Moon.

The -private flag is designed in this way so as not to tell the user that Pale Moon is in private browsing mode. You're looking for the -private-window switch.

Some HTML5 videos do not work/There's no gstreamer support in Pale Moon!

It is disabled by default; please set media.gstreamer.enabled to true in about:config.


Pale Moon does not work on my computer!

Please run it from the terminal and see what error message you get.
If you get:

  • palemoon: No such file or directory : Check whether you have properly installed Pale Moon. If you have done so, you might have downloaded a binary of the wrong architecture. To determine the architecture, type uname -m on the command line.
  • (other errors) - Check whether you meet the system requirements. Pale Moon versions < 24.4 run only on newer systems.

Can I install Pale Moon for myself only?

Yes, it is possible to do so; this does not require root. In that case, follow the "Other installation methods" in the installation instructions. However, extract the archive to somewhere on your home directory (instead of /opt), and make the menu entry in ~/.local/share/applications. The locations discussed in the article be altered accordingly.

I can't use pminstaller on a minimalist distro!

Minimalist distros base themselves on busybox which does not support all the features required to run the installer. If your package manager has them, please install bash and sed and make the /opt directory. The pminstaller tool should work now.

Profiles, plugins, extensions...

Where is the profile of Pale Moon located?

It is located in ~/.moonchild productions/pale moon (note the spaces).

Pale Moon cannot access my profile, what do I do?

Failure to read the profile can happen due to two reasons:

  • A corrupted profile

In case of a corrupted profile, you need to check your profile folder for correct paths in the profile.ini file.

  • No read/write permissions

Run the following on the terminal:

    sudo chown -hR $USER: "~/.moonchild productions"
    chmod -R +rw "~/.moonchild productions"

This will enable Pale Moon to read your profile.

My plugins do not show up in Pale Moon.

Some Linux distributions store their plugins in non-standard locations instead of /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Please refer to the plugins page for more information on how to make such plugins work.

Will tools that depend on Firefox work?

That depends on what tool you're talking about. It depends on how the tool was programmed: if it uses hardcoded paths, probably not.

Personally, the only tool I have tested is Bleachbit, and I can confirm that it works with Pale Moon.


Pale Moon's menu entry does not show up or work properly.

  • The icon does not appear

Run the following to update the icon cache:

    sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor
  • The menu entry does not appear

On some window managers, you need to run a command so that the menu entry is updated. Refer to the help pages and manuals of your window manager.

  • The menu entry tries to open "www.%u.com"

Your window manager/desktop environment is not compliant to the freedesktop.org standards. A workaround would be to use Exec=palemoon instead of Exec=palemoon %u in the menu entry file.

  • The menu entry appears across multiple categories

Your window manager does not see the multiple categories as a priority preference. A workaround would be to use Categories=<desired_category> instead of Categories=<category1>,... in the menu entry.

Pale Moon crashes if I try to click on any of the menus (File, Edit...)

This is known to occur with some versions of the "oxygen-gtk" theme on KDE. More details are here. The proper solution is to upgrade/downgrade the theme to a good version (1.4.2 should fix it) or change the theme. A solution for those who cannot upgrade is discussed here.

Pale Moon 24.5.0 has image rendering problems!

I'm aware of the issues (see http://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=4335 ). Please use 24.4.2 while I investigate the issue.

The issue has been fixed now, and new builds have been uploaded to the 24.5.0 folder. If you used the updater and updated to the broken version, then you need to fully uninstall and then reinstall through the installation tool.

This issue has been resolved. Versions of Pale Moon 24.6 and higher should display images properly.


I want to know more about the Pale Moon project.

The "Pale Moon for Linux" project is an officially endorsed third-party build of Pale Moon, which is primarily aimed at Windows.

More details are available at http://www.palemoon.org/

Is there a portable version of Pale Moon for Linux?

A Windows "PortableApps" style portable application is not possible, due to filesystem permission restrictions on Linux.

However, if you mean "portable" as in "PortableLinuxApps" or similar software where no installation is needed, Pale Moon is already in such a state. Grab the archive you want from http://sourceforge.net/projects/pm4linux/files/, extract it and run.

Will there be a package for $distro?

At this time there are no plans to provide packages for specific Linux distros. In most cases, the pminstaller tool can perform any needed installation, uninstallation and update functions.

However, the following packages have been made available by other people:

If you are interested in creating and maintaining packages for a specific distro, please post on the Pale Moon forum.

Pale Moon does not have an internal updater!

The pminstaller tool has a built-in updater, however this results in a full download. There is no internal updater built into Pale Moon for Linux. This is by design:

  • The internal updater requires making mar archives and/or binary diffs, which I have neither the time for, nor the required infrastructure.
  • Most users are likely to install it into /opt which is unreadable to most except the superuser, and running the browser as superuser is not considered proper security practice.


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