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Engineering/Manufacturing Come Together with PlugEM

Businesses can't hold back productivity tool development. Their competitiveness depends on successful adoption of such new tools.

Businesses don't want the headaches of rebuilding very customized links between the various tools that they use to make up the business process toolset.

The challenge is to achieve both constraints at once.

The purpose of the newly formed PlugEM project team is to find the solution to this challenge by evolving a necessary Business Systems Backbone Bus whose purpose in life is to permit the ease of transition from one business/design/analysis/manufacturing software tool to any chosen substitute, in a manner that is as easy as replacing a drive in today's RAID drives: pull out the old, put in the new, and move on without the integration challenge. The challenge of users becoming proficient with the GUI of the new tool will never disappear. PlugEM's reason for existence is to limit the transition challeng to just that: tool usage proficiency, NOT tool integration resolution.... read more

Posted by Eric Marceau 2005-06-01