#5 Background color problem in Plplot window

Alan W. Irwin
Maynard Brandsma

Hello. I hope I'm sending this to the right place.

I'm building an Itcl class, PlotXY, containing a Plplot
window and some buttons to allow control of axes
formats, etc. I want to use a white background instead
of the default black background. I use
"$w cmd plscolbg 255 255 255"
to set the white background. The plot appears correctly
when I create the PlotXY object. When I change the
plot settings and redraw the plot, I get a black
background. If I cover all or part of the plot
window with another window and then bring the plot
window back to the front, the portion of the plot window
that was covered has a white background.

I'm running TclPro1.4 on a Windows 2000 machine. I'm
using Vince Darley's binary Plplotter5.1.1 package.
(Download from
then unzip the entire contents into the lib subdirectory of
your tcl).

The attached script, PlotXY.itcl, demonstrates the
problem. If I'm doing something wrong in my code, can
someone please tell me what it is. If this is a problem in
the Plplot library, can someone suggest where to
start looking. I'll try to figure out a patch.

Thanks in advance.
-Maynard Brandsma


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    When the documentation doesn't exist, check the source. I
    figured out my problem. The solution is to include an option
    with the Plwindow command, thusly:
    -plotbackground white
    If you don't want white lines on a white background, also
    change the default drawing color after the Plwindow is set up,
    $_plot_frame cmd plscol0 15 black
    --Maynard Brandsma

  • Alan W. Irwin
    Alan W. Irwin

    I am closing this (which is actually a bug report) because it is so dated and because Vince Darley's special form of PLplot is no longer supported (as far as I know). Please try again with modern PLplot

  • Alan W. Irwin
    Alan W. Irwin

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