#10 plclear over overplotting in win3?


This is a simple request that was probably resolved long
ago, but I'm new to PLplot so here goes. I recently got
a new Dell laptop and had Absoft Fortran v8.0 installed
on it. I always liked PGPlot and saw that my compiler
had PLPlot included with it so I tried it out and I like it.

It works fine for a single plot or several in different
subpages but in the "win3" display (I'm running Windows
XP), "plclear" or "pleop" do not seem to work to clear the
screen. I tested this on a simple 2D Lagrangian hydro
problem where all I wanted to do was to see how the
mesh changed from the initial setup to the final mesh. I
was able to get it to do this by splitting the display into
two subpages. But eventually, I would like to be able to
print to the screen in real time as the code runs to
animate the mesh motion (maybe not at each step but
at least at subset). I'm guessing the thing to do there
is to store the previous mesh points in an array and
alternate plotting the old and new using the negative of
the plot colors for the previous mesh points to animate
it. I can probably figure out how to do that trick on my
own, but if you know how to do this off the top of your
head it might save me a little time (particularly how to
get the negative color for the plot points).

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if you have "plclear" or "pleop"
working so they clear the screen for the win3 device. I
don't know what version of PLPlot this is but the
sourcefiles I've looked at are dated 2001, so I would
guess you might have resolved this issue by now? Do I
just need to pick up the latest version? Thanks for your


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  • Alan W. Irwin
    Alan W. Irwin

    I am closing this because it is so dated, but if plclear does not work correctly for you with modern PLplot please open a bug report.

  • Alan W. Irwin
    Alan W. Irwin

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