How do I compile Fortran77 programs against PLPlot now that the Fortran77 libraries have finally been removed from libplplot-dev (I'm on Ubuntu, so this is a Debian style package)?  On my system I also see that there now is a libplplot-fortran11 package whose description says:

This package contains the Fortran 77 and Fortran 95 bindings for
PLplot. Note: the Fortran 77 bindings have been deprecated in the latest
version of PLplot, and will be dropped from a future release. New code
should use the Fortran 95 bindings.

But, within it there are only shared-object libraries and no longer any static libraries, which were very convenient.  Further, where are the actually Fortran77 libraries?  The .so files here all are labelled with f95, and they seem to contain Fortran95 style symbols and don't contain Fortran77 symbols.  Have the Fortran77 libraries actually been completely purged?