Ok, thanks for the answers.
I've been using PLplot with Cairo but as I said in my mails I have had some questions about the implementation of PLcairo and PLplot. This is what leaded me to a potential alternative: PLplotCanvas.
Anyway, I think that I'll stick to the combination Plplot/Cairo/GTK.
Anyway, thanks again for your time.
Johan Mazel

2010/9/18 Alan W. Irwin <irwin@beluga.phys.uvic.ca>
On 2010-09-17 23:17+0200 Johan Mazel wrote:

I am working on Ubuntu 10.04 and gcc 4.4.3.
I'm trying to compile and use this example from the plplot documentation
that enables one to directly use PLplot inside a GTK widget:

All the gcw-related software was deprecated as of 5.9.3, and finally
removed as of 5.9.6 (see any of the release announcements from 5.9.3
through 5.9.6 for the reasons.) However, when that decision was made,
I just plain forgot that the above part of our documentation which should
have had a deprecation notice as of 5.9.3 and should been been removed
completely as of 5.9.6. Sorry you were mislead by my oversight.

There are other ways to use PLplot from a GTK widget that have been
recently discussed here.  See examples/c/README.cairo for a description
of two proof-of-concept examples which might give you some useful

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