Hi James,


if you have no specific needs for GTK, then you can leave them out. Actually, it is one of the tasks of the build system to find out which external libraries are available on your system and which can be used.


Minimum version of CMake: 2.8.9


You can use MinGW with the GCC compiler suite if you do not have Visual Studio.

If you do have Visual Studio, you can build with either “nmake” or VS – this is selected via the generator option of CMake.


There should not be much difference in the build process for PLplot 5.9.8 versus 5.10. Are there any specific difficulties you encounter?






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My first question is how do I get my computer (actually Windows XP Virtual Machine) 

as close to the one as the developers using to build plplot 5.10.0?

Obviously I need Visual Studio 2010 sp1. But what else?

What version of CMake?

What versions of the GTK libaries and from what source. 

I have some success building 5.9.8 but nothing higher. 


James <black_13>

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