Alan W. Irwin wrote:
On 2006-11-29 12:06+0100 Arjen Markus wrote:

Argh, why didn't I think of that! You are most probably right. Well, I
will check
what is happening (or rather, what is not happening) later then.
(Debugging shell
scripts is always, well, cumbersome)

Just learned a trick about that from

Temporarily replace #!/bin/bash with #!/bin/bash -x

That prints out everything as the script proceeds which is extremely useful for

(Probably one of those things virtually everybody knows who has worked
seriously with scripts, but I was not aware of it until a few days ago.)

The Bourne shell uses -s if I remember correctly, but I never thought of
putting these options in the magic first line. Good idea, though!

Anyway, the culprit for the failure is clear: cat. It does not exist on Windows,
so I will change the script to use echo instead (as that is an internal command).