Hi All
Sorry, but I've done some more testing today and unfortunately my current patch causes problems if the user creates two streams running alongside each other. Currently I don't think wxPLPlotApp has sufficient awareness of the streams and frames to deal with all this correctly. This is going to require some restructuring work I think to get right.
Also unfortunately, despite installing wxWidgets from source  on my Ubuntu box I'm still not able to step throught he wxWidgets code in the debugger in Eclipse. If anyone else on the list knows how I can set this up I'd be happy to listen. I'm jus too used to Windows I guess.
Fulvio - If you need to get PLplot working with wxWidgets in a hurry you can still create a wxWidgets application initialize plplot with one of the wxWidget drivers to get a wxBitmap or wxImage and use OnPaint to paint this to screen - it's how I usually use PLplot. It doesn't suffer the same problems as there is no mixing of console and gui elements.

From: Alan W. Irwin <irwin@beluga.phys.uvic.ca>
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On 2013-02-23 17:02-0800 phil rosenberg wrote:

> I should now be able to supply a patch that give correct operation
and closure of a single window and allows the console to continue
running without the orphaned window. Would you like that as a patch
now with possibly more to follow?

Hi Phil:

Please go ahead and send your proposed patch as an attachment to this
list. I don't understand the wxwidgets device driver that well, but if
I find here that your patch builds and runs using all our standard C
examples without issues on Linux (using the test_c_wxwidgets target)
as well as reducing the test.c issues like you describe, then I would
be strongly inclined to apply it.

Of course, I would also follow the advice of Werner (who is familiar
with the wxwidgets code since he is its original implementer)
concerning your proposed patch _if_ he gets in touch.  There has been
no response to my first attempt to contact him, and in fact it appears
that the SourceForge mailer filtered out the CC to him for some
reason. So this time, I am CCing to the last two known addresses for
him to see if that will get a response.  But meanwhile, Phil, please
send your patch so I can try the test_c_wxwidgets target with it (and
you may want to try that target yourself on Linux first (using "make
test_c_wxwidgets" if you have first run cmake with the -DBUILD_TEST=ON

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