Hi all
I have an old app that uses the win3 driver to draw in a HWND that is passed from the app to the driver.  I had also tweaked the HARU pdf driver to draw into an existing pdf file rather than create one from scratch for the plot.  I now want to port the app to windows x64, and update it to the current version of plplot.
The old win3 driver took a HWND as a command line argument, I intend to modify the wingcc driver to do something similar rather than creating a window for itself.  Or is there a better windows driver to use?
Similarly the pdf driver takes a FILE*, initialises a new PDF document, draws the graph, and saves the pdf file.  I had modified the driver to skip the opening and saving part, and just draw to a supplied handle.  I intend to tidy it up and submit it, so a couple of questions before I do so.
Supplying the HWND, HPDF_Doc and HPDF_Page handles to the drivers - is there a better way than passing them as driver options through plsetopt()?  This would need a change to include a pointer type as a possible option.  The alternative would be adding a PLESC_DEVINIT handler (or similar) to the drivers and calling pl_cmd to pass a handle straight to the driver.  But currently there is no time to set the handles between plinit() calling pllib_devinit() which sets the dispatch table, and plP_init() which would create the handles.  So it needs either plPlotP.h to be included in the app so that pllib_devinit() can be called from the app, or a new function that does the first part of plinit() to set up the dispatch table, but stops to allow pl_cmd() calls before calling plinit().
Should the entire pdf page be treated as the plplot surface, with the calling program setting a viewport for the plot, or should I add options to specify the surface as a bounded region within the page? 
Should I just submit the changes when I am finished, or should I set up a change request or something else?