Plplot font buffer error

  • Hi

    I've been trying to setup plplot examples and was originally getting an error saying it could not open or find the font files, this was solved by setting up the PLPLOT_HOME environment variable correctly.

    Now I'm getting another error when running the first example, stating:

    Plotting Options:
    < 1> ps         PostScript File (monochrome)
    < 2> psc        PostScript File (color)
    < 3> jpeg       JPEG File
    < 4> null       Null device
    < 5> gif        GIF File
    < 6> svg        Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG 1.1)

    Enter device number or keyword: 3
    Enter graphics output file name: test.jpg

    *** PLPLOT ERROR ***
    plfntld: Out of memory while allocating font buffer.
    Program aborted

    The result is a jpg with a black background and nothing else.
    Any assistance with how to solve this would be much appreciated.

    • Coming back to run it again today, it has decided to run fine.
      I suspect it was probably because of a restart of my machine.

    • Also, these are some other actions I took necessary for plplot to run properly:

      Environment Variables:
        Have your PLPLOT_HOME set to your "plplot-xxx" folder and PLPLOT_LIB set to your "lib"     
        Append to your PATH environment variable the location of the .dll's for plplot

      Font files:
        Have the following font files all stored together and in a folder where your
        environment will look (,,,, plstnd5.fnt,

      Hope that helps :)