problem to compile

Uwe Rossow
  • Uwe Rossow
    Uwe Rossow


    I am using mingw 4.3.0 alpha version, cmake 2.6.3 and downloaded
    plplot5.9.2. I am following the steps on plplot-wiki
    cmake went ok
    Then mingw32-make quits with error message:
    lt_dlerror not found in libplotd.dll and seems to be related to a call
    of get-drv-info.exe

    I have a running version of plplot 5.9.0 and I think compiling went ok with that version.
    I did not remove any of those built lib but created a new subdir with plplot5.9.2 in.

    Any idea what may be the problem?


    • Werner Smekal
      Werner Smekal

      Hi Uwe,

      the problem is, that with PLplot version 5.9.1 on in Win32 we also build dynamic drivers by default. That means every driver is built into its own dll separated from the plplot core dll. In addition during the compilation get-drv-info is run to open each dll and get some driver information. Therefore get-drv-info must also find the dlls somewhere. All dlls are placed in the dll directory of the build tree, e.g. if you configure and compile plplot in 'build_dir' you'll find the dlls in 'build_dir\dll'. In order for get-drv-info to find the dlls you have to add 'build_dir\dll' to the PATH environment variable via

      set PATH=build_dir\dll;%PATH%

      before you compile plplot. Alternatively you can link all drivers to the plplot dll via the cmake option -DENABLE_DYNDRIVERS=OFF . Still the plplot dll will be placed in the build_dir\dll directory and you have to add the directory to the PATH variable in order to run the examples.

      - Werner