fortran and -f -N15

  • Zane

    hi everyone I am porting some fortran code to linux and having a spot of trouble.  The plplot binaries I am using have been compiled using the -f -N15 options

    -f option folds all symbols to lowercase while the -N15 option adds a trailing underscore to the symbol names.  Here is an snippet of output from the compiler.

    /opt/absoft10.0/lib64/libplplotf77d.a(sfstubs.o)(.text+0x16cf): In function `plshades1_':
    : undefined reference to `plshades17_'

    To me this is saying that my program is calling the plshades1_ routine.  This routine is calling another routine named plshades17_ which it cannot seem to find.  Does this seem right?

    Is there a place that could net me a plain jane compiled version of plplot?  My compiler is erroring out with some obscure error when I try to build the source from here.

    Thanks in advance.