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MATLab Contour

Big Muscle
  • Big Muscle
    Big Muscle


    MATLab has nice function contourf(X,Y,Z,n) where n is number of levels. It is just easy to pass matrices X,Y,Z to this function and filled contour plot will be rendered.

    Is this possible with this library too? I'm asking because I saw contour function with Z parameter only (and I need to pass X and Y there too else it would render different plot).

    Thank you.

    • Big Muscle
      Big Muscle

      Nevermind, I found a way to do it using plcont. However, there must be bug in PLPlot or I don't know what's wrong. All data is correct, but there are cases when MATLab generates 1 closed contour, but PLPlot splits it into 2 single contours.

      What can be wrong with it? I can post my data if it helps.

      • Werner Smekal
        Werner Smekal


        could you repost your question on the developers mailing list (subscribe here:\)? The forums are only read by one developer (me ;) and I actually have no idea about a solution for your problem. The others might have.