Animation with plplot

  • Hello

    I wish to use plplot to make simple physics animation (such as a mobile thrown in the air) on a Debian Sarge.
    The plplot version is 5.7.2, used whith Fortran program. I can use C if necessary.

    I need a set of images which will be used to feed ffmpeg.

    Currently I use the postscript driver (1)  : a call to plenv() for each frame put a new page in the
    file. Then pstoimg gives me the set of images.

    I guess it is not the best way. I tried to use the pbm driver. I got a big file, in which I guess the successive images are dumped.
    But I don't know how to extract them.

    I tried to use the plmeta driver to extract this files, unsuccessful.

    I tried to use the plmeta driver in conjunction with the -fam options or procedures, but I got unusable files or segmentations faults.

    Does somebody has a hint, or a program sample to lighten me ??

    Sincerely yours

    Dominique MICOLLET