Commit [r13122] Maximize Restore History

Put test_noninteractive target example results in their own exclusive

directory in the build tree which keeps the examples subdirectory of
the build tree much cleaner and makes it easier to see how well the
"make clean" command is cleaning up these files.

The test_teclsh_standard_examples target has a showstopper Tcl exit
problem (a non-zero return code) for certain configuration conditions
(non-dynamic devices) on Windows. Therefore, to keep this showstopper
error from propagating to the overall testing target,
test_noninteractive, drop including the test_tclsh_standard_examples
target as part of the list of dependencies for that overall target on
Windows until this additional Tcl exit issue can be addressed.

airwin 2014-05-18

changed /trunk/examples/CMakeLists.txt
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