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Commit [r12957] Maximize Restore History

Implement documentation for plgcmap1_range and plscmap1_range.

Thanks to Hǎiliàng Wang for writing the plplot.h/api.xml
consistency checker that discovered these functions in our
public API did not have any documentation in api.xml.

ToDo: There are still 4 more functions that are missing documentation
according to that checker report and also inconsistencies between
plplot.h and api.xml in the number and names of the function

airwin 2014-01-24

changed /trunk/doc/docbook/src/api.xml
changed /trunk/doc/docbook/src/plplotdoc.xml.in
/trunk/doc/docbook/src/api.xml Diff Switch to side-by-side view
/trunk/doc/docbook/src/plplotdoc.xml.in Diff Switch to side-by-side view