Commit [r12486] Maximize Restore History

Improve CMake logic for building DocBook documentation.

Replace destroying and creating the inline.ent symlink idea for
various forms of the inline entities with properly configured info,
print, and html variants of plplotdoc-?.xml. This change removes the
dependencies of the various backend documentation between each other
since there is no longer the parallel build race condition to be
avoided for the various kinds of inline.ent symlinks.

Non-configured *.xml and *.ent files are referred to directly in the
source tree rather than as symlinks in the build tree. This makes
establishing file dependencies much more straightforward.

Drop if(PERL_FOUND) logic since that is redundant. (Earlier in build
process, BUILD_DOC is set to OFF if perl cannot be found.)

Use actual Linux filesystem commands (like mv) rather than relying on
FindUnixCommands.cmake to define the ${MV} equivalent of mv. (ToDo,
replace Linux filesystem commmands used for the documentation build
such as "mv" with their cmake -E equivalents just on general

Use slightly improved naming conventions for intermediate files created by info

Tested by Alan W. Irwin <> using the
-DBUILD_DOC cmake option and the "all" target in doc/docbook/src.

airwin 2013-08-18

changed /trunk/doc/docbook/src/CMakeLists.txt
changed /trunk/doc/docbook/src/
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