#97 Unicode character misalignment issues

Alan W. Irwin
Alan W. Irwin

The revamped examples/python/test_circle.py scripts second and subsequent 4 pages show the results of rendering an asterisk using 5 different PLplot methods. For -dev xwin the 4 of those methods that work produce beautifully aligned asterisk results at all sizes. However, the 5 different methods generate three different vertical misalignments (one large and two different small ones) for the (pls->alt_unicode = 1) xcairo device and two different vertical misalignments (one large and one small) for the (pls->alt_unicode = 0) qtwidget device. All these vertical alignments should be consistent.


  • Steve Schwartz
    Steve Schwartz

    I have just hit this problem (in case you need any encouragement). Several unicode glyphs are mis-aligned - or more accurately for my purpose, don't get positioned in a way that the glyph is centred with respect to the position. This, of course, leads to inaccurate positions of data points in plots. I also found one or two (sym=8 and 9 which are circled plus and dot) that are slightly high in Hershey. All the mis-alignments I've spotted are vertical. I've tried both qt and cairo which show the same results. I attach a simple sample I wrote, which is really just like x06 but I've added grid-lines to highlight the position.