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#142 Make Tcl-related page pausing more consistent

Arjen Markus
Alan W. Irwin

Here are some examples of how inconsistent this page pausing is now:

  • There is no mention of page pausing of any kind in examples/tcl/tcldemos.tcl, but apparently pausing is on by default for the tclsh case while it is off by default for the corresponding pltcl case. My evidence for this is simply that examples/tcl/ turns off pausing before example 0 and after example 20 (because example 20 sets pausing internally) while examples/tcl/ does not need to disable page pausing before example 0. Why that difference with the corresponding tclsh case?
  • There is no mention of page pausing of any kind in examples/tk/tkdemos.tcl, but apparently pausing is always turned off with no way to turn it on for the wish case while it is on by default for the plserver case. My evidence for this is simply that there is no mention of pausing at all for examples/tk/ while examples/tk/ turns pausing off before example 0. To confuse the issue even more, it is apparently not necessary to turn off pausing after example 20 for the plserver case while doing that is necessary for the pltcl case.

In sum these various inconsistencies are quite confusing, and even worse there currently appears to be no user control over pausing at all for the wish case. The ideal solution would be to have the PLplot library control pausing in all cases. Then pausing would be on by default, but the user (and all of the scripts mentioned above) could turn it off via a call to plspause 0 and back on again with plspause 1 any time that was desired.