#133 pdf.c isses demonstrated by standard examples

Werner Smekal
Alan W. Irwin

The first pages of examples 9 and 21 show that the text is not clipped at the edge of the viewport.

Example 10 shows an inncorrect (much smaller than the text it is supposed to enclose) size of the box, and the position of that box and associated text has a large offset in both vertical and horizontal dimensions from the correct position.

Example 17 shows an incorrect vertical position of the text annotating each of the chart recorder lines. That example also shows incorrect line styles (solid lines) compared to the variety of line styles displayed by all other devices.


  • Alan W. Irwin
    Alan W. Irwin

    The other issue shown by examples 23, 24, and 26 is the limited glyph range of the current Type1 fonts that are being used with this device. Those glyphs are adequate for English text and basic Math symbols, but that is about it. So it would be useful to move to the TTF fonts instead which literally have tens of thousand glyphs available. The libharu TTF font support requires specifying the full path of TTF font file name which is a very clumsy and laborious way to specify fonts, and a more refined procedure involving fontconfig would be more convenient for the user at the relatively small expense of adding fontconfig (available on all platforms) to the dependencies of the pdf device.