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Finally an update

Yes, minor updates.
Better standard GNU short and long options.
Fixed the .tar.gz so that it extracts to a plot2d folder.
A little more functionality - See release notes.

Posted by Glenn MacGougan 2008-03-06

New Plot2D Feature Plans for the Beta Release

A windows explorer shell extension is in the plans for the Beta release. Users will be able to right click and select "Plot2D".

"Plot2D->1v2" will plot columns 1 vs 2 directly. Also "Plot2D->1v3", "Plot2D->1v4", etc.

"Plot2D->WithOptions", will bring up an options dialog box.

"Plot2D->ChooseXY", will bring up a dialog box to select the X and Y columns.... read more

Posted by Glenn MacGougan 2008-01-03

Plot2D, Alpha 0.05, Gains momentum

Much better command line functionality.
The ability to plot without the option file ("plot2d data.txt" from terminal).
Optimized for multiple series from the same file.
Plot limit determination from multiple series rather than just the first series.

The ease of use of this command line tool for generating plots with statistics in the figure is great for quick and easy analysis of numeric data.... read more

Posted by Glenn MacGougan 2007-12-31

New Plot2D Project Goals

1. Short learning curve - compared to gnu graph, gnuplot and Grace.
2. Better command line power.
a) enable full command line functionality with the need for an option file.
b) enable fast command line. "./plot2d data.txt" will plot 1 first column vs the second column
3. Create a documentation page for how to add plot2d to your C/C++ project.

Posted by Glenn MacGougan 2007-12-30

Plot2D, Alpha 0.04, wants your feedback.

The Plot2D project, a platform-independent application for generating 2D scatter-plots directly to compressed images, now allows users to try out the software via the project web page ( and via a simple windows graphical user interface.

The software is great for plotting numeric data without the need for a GUI, generally via a shell script or a windows batch file. It uses a simple ASCII options file and is a stand-alone package.

Posted by Glenn MacGougan 2007-12-28