I'm havign troubles with the fact that when my Plone site inherits certain users from a Zope acl_users folder in a higher level of the Zope hierarchy, those users seem to be "second-class citizens" in Plone. They can log in and have folders within the Members area, but they are never listed in Plone-generated lists of members or found via the search form in the Plone site's Members folder. This gets very difficult, since I (as the overall site administrator) have a login specified by acl_users at the root level of my ZMI, but I also need to be a fully visible, participating member in some of the contained Plone sites. And having two login IDs, one for admin work and one for in-site membership work, is a nightmare. I slip between roles too often.

I've looked into the portal catalog and the ZMI, and I can't find any difference between the member folders in the Plone site created when a Plone member is created, vs. those created when a ZMI-created user goes to "my folder" (which forces the creation of a member folder the first time.)

Any suggestions? I can't be the only one frustrated by this.