Java Wikipedia API 3.0.7 released

The main purpose of the Java Wikipedia API (Bliki engine) is the
rendering of the Wikipedia (aka Mediawiki) syntax into HTML:

For an overview of the complete API please look at the Bliki Javadocs:

There is a Bliki Engine Forum for help and discussion of the Wikipedia Engine API:


Changes in this release:
* use the wikipedia CSS style in generated HTML and PDF files
* APIWikiModel downloads embedded images
* added a Page#downloadImageUrl() method for downloading images
* parse redirected content in APIWikiModel
* new parser template functions: #expr, #ifexpr, lc, lcfirst, ns, #switch, uc, ucfirst, urlencode (#time only prepared in source, but no real functionality)
* changed parser template function mapping: the '#' character must now be prepended in the key. See
<code>TEMPLATE_FUNCTION_MAP.put("#expr", Expr.CONST);</code> for example
* added Derby Database support for the HTML and PDF file creators (see HTMLCreatorTest, PDFCreatorTest)

Posted by Axel C. Kramer 2008-06-26