Response decrements with large clobs

  • Response decrements with large clobs
    It works fine for smaller say clob size less than 2k, increasing the size of clob the response time is 8884914 characters.

    Am trying out some options and post updates if i can reduce the response time for large clobs. If any of you have already solved the problem, please post.

    Below is the code snippet. Appreciate any help on this aspect.

      Obj Json;
      My_Clob Clob;
    Dbms_Output.Put_Line('start_time->'|| To_Char(Sysdate,'hh:mi:ss'));
    Select Json_String Into My_Clob From xxsav_json_poc_log Where Log_Id = 6;
      Obj := Json(My_Clob);
      dbms_output.put_line('end_time->'|| to_char(sysdate,'hh:mi:ss'));

  • Here is the sample json. The Party id array will have multiple values up to 100k json objects.
    The json object would get built at java layer and will be sent to DB for data seeding.
    Is it advisable to use JSON for implementing these kind of usecases?

    '{"SAV" : {
         "PARTY": [
           { "PARTY_ID": "P1",
             "START_DATE": "2010-OCT-01",
             "END_DATE": "2099-JUL-30",
             "EXPL_IMPL" : "E"
           { "PARTY_ID": "P2",
             "START_DATE": "2010-NOV-01",
             "END_DATE": "2099-JUL-30",
             "EXPL_IMPL" : "I"
           { "PARTY_ID": "P3",
             "START_DATE": "2010-DEC-01",
             "END_DATE": "2099-JUL-30",
             "EXPL_IMPL" : "I"
           { "PARTY_ID": "P4",
             "START_DATE": "2010-JAN-01",
             "END_DATE": "2099-JUL-30",
             "EXPL_IMPL" : "I"