How to parse an unknown JSON object

  • Elie Grunhaus
    Elie Grunhaus


    I just recently found out about the PLJSON package, and so, am just learning my way through it.  This forum is a great help.

    I have the task of building an Oracle Apex application in which I am displaying various pieces of a JSON object that I retrieve from a Linux server.  The issue I'm facing is that I do not know in advance what this JSON object might consist of.

    For example, one JSON object I retrieve might consist of 100 name:value pairs together with 50 arrays of strings or arrays of numbers.  Another retrieved object might have arrays of numbers or perhaps arrays whose members are themselves arrays of strings, and so on.

    And so, is there some way to parse through a JSON object and extract *EACH* name:value pair no matter where it is embedded in the object without knowing in advance the actual name strings of these individual name:value pairs?

    Thank you very much for nay help or, preferably, code examples.