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#471 Player SVN trunk: some win32 issues

Brian Gerkey
Player (393)
Paul Osmialowski

When Player is compiled on Windows (Visual C++ 8 Express 2005) with libjpeg and opencv libraries installed together with pkgconfig utlity, new interesting errors occur. This patch fixes them, it is worth to apply anyway, for example, netinet headers are not required in drivers code, it remains here from ancient Player 1.6 era!
Unfortunately, this leads to new errors: I guess Geoff did not expect someone will be able to compile playerjpeg library, so it is not built properly and cannot be used to link with cameracompress/camerauncompress drivers.
Also OpenCV for Win32 does not contain opencv.pc file which must be written by user. Although I know what to put into 'Clfags' line and cmake f/windows swallows it nicely, I have no ideas what to do with 'Libs' line, cmake malforms its content dramatically. OpenCV comes with couple of .lib files all placed in one directory, there's no .a files there. Therefore I didn't get final binary even with this patch. Fortunately, object files for affected drivers build nicely now.


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    The changes have been made in SVN trunk.
    Thank you for your contribution.

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    • status: open --> closed-accepted