Hi there everyone. Sorry for double mailing this, but there's been sometime that i don't send mails to the player lists and I forgot to which one I should be sending this. I've been having problems trying to connect to a sick lms 291 trhough player... I've tried using the sick lms 200 driver but I've had no  success. The driver hangs waiting for an ack signal from the laser after sending it to configuration mode and ultimately timeouts. Has anyone ever used this laser sensor with player before or has any idea on what the problem might be?

The cfg file i've been using is the following:

  name "sicklms200"
  provides [ "laser:0" ]
  port "/dev/ttyUSB0"
  resolution 50
  range_res 10
  serial_high_speed_mode 0
  connect_rate [ 38400 ]
  transfer_rate 38400
  retry 5
  alwayson 1

is there any changes needed on the original driver in order to use this?

Thanks in advance,

Víctor Campos
Víctor Costa da Silva Campos
Engenheiro de Controle e Automação - UFMG
Control and Automation Engineer - UFMG
Mestrando em Controle, Automação e Robótica - Engenharia Elétrica - UFMG
Master's Student in Control, Automation and Robotics - UFMG