I am developing a framework / api for programming AI into bots using player/stage with a friend of mine, and we are running into problems with the grippers.

We are using 2.0.0 and 2.0.1.

We want to be able to have a bot grab another bot.

Now, they can do this, but if the bot that was grabbed tries to read in from any sensors, it crashes the whole simulation.

Additionally, when a bot is grabbed, all 'visual' sensors are dropped from it (if they are not being read from, and it still doesn't crash, they are no longer displayed)

Is there a way for a bot to grab another bot and still have that second bot be usable afterwards?

I guess I should be honest, the test we are using for our AIs is a Jailbreak game. We want the guards to be able to grab the prisoners as they attempt to escape.
Another idea we had was a game using swarm bots and regular bots, where the 'key' to the door for the regular bots is one of the swarm bots. If that makes sense.

(btw, Jarod, my friend, made a killer Door-bot. Uses color blob or fiducial sensors to 'see' a key that is brought up to it and it 'opens' by sliding away.)