Ah, I did not remember.  Now that roadblock is out of the way, but now the program never processes messages.  In my main thread, I am calling:


Where ProcessMessages has a series of MatchMessage calls.
Has anything changed related to this that I need to know?  Is there somewhere I can look (mailing list archives?) for significant changes from 2.0 to 2.1?

Thanks for your help,
J. Alan Atherton

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 7:58 PM, Geoffrey Biggs <gbiggs@killbots.net> wrote:
Have you remembered to allocate memory for actdata.actuators? Player 2.1
(which includes the CVS version) uses dynamically allocated memory for
all arrays in the interfaces.


Jenn and Alan Atherton wrote:
> I have written a driver for the LynxArm, and it worked swell with Player
> 2.0.4.  I have moved to Player CVS, as I need Gazebo SVN.  I'm stumped
> with a problem that I've picked at for over a week now.  The driver goes
> through the Setup method just fine, and enters the main thread.
> The first time through the main thread, as the code populates a
> player_actarray_data structure, it apparently freezes completely.  Here
> is the code snippet in question, with debugging stuff in place.
>         writeLog("Gathering Axis Pos %d\n", i);
>         float bob = arm.getAxisAngleDeg(i) * DEG_TO_RAD;
>         writeLog("Gathering Axis Pos %d %1.2f\n", i, bob);
>         actdata.actuators[i].position = bob;
> // The code never reaches the line below
>         writeLog("Gathering Axis State %d\n", i);
> The writeLog method opens a log file, appends the string, then closes
> the file.  It seems to be hanging up on any line that has actdata in
> it.  I am completely stumped with this.
> Here's some info that might be useful to someone who knows.
> My lynx arm accessor class uses pthreads.
> I create an actarray interface and a limb interface.
> I publish a state message in the main thread (although it is never
> reached in this case), and that is all.
> I will appreciate any advice given in general.
> Eventually, when this is working, I can contribute the code to the
> project.  I am also making a gazebo model for the arm.
> Thanks,
> J. Alan Atherton

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