ok thanks Reed. We have problems with sonar and some kind of walls and doors. I'd like to change also player SIP interval if is it possible. I don't know if it can improve quality of sonar readings. Somebody can help me ?

2007/6/25, Reed Hedges <reed@mobilerobots.com>:
Valentino wrote:
> I'd like to know if is it possible on a Pioneer 3dx?

You can change sonar timing and firing order in the firmware configuration.  See
the robot manual for details, the section called "Sonar" in the "ARCOS" chapter
(on pg 34 in my copy of the P3 manual, chapter 6).  This will be transparent to
Player; it will just receive the most recently acquired sonar data along with
other robot data at the normal 10 Hz SIP interval (this can also be changed--
I'm not sure how changing that would affect Player.)


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