Hello everybody.

I'm pleased to announce a new release of the Experimental Robotics Framework (Previously known as RTK3D) and of Player Viewer 3D right in time for christmas .
ERF is a opengl based framework for really fast prototyping of anything you want.
PV3D adds a player extension to ERF so that it is very easy to access Player devices.

PV3D also requires a special version of player 2.0.2 also provided in the site, the only difference is that the speech recognition works and in latter version of player it does not. Hint: fix player.

What is new about these versions:
erf: latex formulas, opengl shaders, spatial zones
pv3d: zone awareness, control robots by keyboard and by speech


Thanks to everybody of the Player community specially to
Brad Kratochvil for the C++ client libraries
Toby Collett for some plugins derived from his excellent work
Richard vaughan and the developers of stage that i use so much to test PV3D.

Merry christmas to all and i'm waiting for your feedback on the software.

Joćo Xavier
@ smogzer_at_gmail.com
W3 http://miarn.cjb.net
Institute for Systems and Robotics
University of Coimbra