Hi Toby,
Thanks for your reply.
Could you be able to clear one thing for me?

Case: Consider that I am going to use one temperature sensor.To get the signal from this sensor If I wire/connect this with a USB-DAQ card ( i.e. LabJack-U3 is USB interface and its driver for Linux is already installed) and then want to write the driver for prayer;for which hardware I need to write driver for Player?
*For USB-DAQ Card or for the Temperature sensor or for both?



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You dont give any details of the interface to your sensors. Player is purely
a software project, drivers can be written to interface to any existing
hardware that can interface to your PC (i.e. through a serial or USB port),
but it cant achieve magic, i.e.  reading pure analog values without an ADC.
Some of the drivers are already written (such as the URG laser (usb or
serial)), other more exotic devices such as fire detectors and so on will
probably need a plug in written to interface to, and if they do not already
have a serial interface they will also need some sort of intervening
hardware to read the device from the computer.


On 22/11/2007, kabir mamun <mamunk2@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a new user of this player Software.my project is to build a
> surveillance module and a patient monitoring module  for a Pioneer
> robot.At this stage I need to select my sensors.My proposed sensors are
> Temperature and Humidity probe,PIR sensor,Smoke and Fire detector,Laser
> scanner (URG-04LX).
> In a traditional manner to  these sensors with a pc we use DAQ card (
> i.e.LabJack-U3/U12) and then programme with different software.
> But now I need to communicate these with these sensors via player
> software.So Do I need to use any DAQ card or I can do this without DAQ
> card via serial or USB port.I mean; does player able to communicate with
> those sensors through the standard serial or USB port (without any daq
> card)?
> If So please give some detail information How to do this?
> Is there any one who can tell me regarding this matter (Player interface
> with physical hardware)?
> Thanks for your time.
> Best Regards-Mamun

Kabir Mamun
PhD Student,DCU,Ireland.