I've been kind of out of the scene for a little while now, but for stage 3 SVN around revision 7336 I added something to allow player to get simulated camera data.


Dunno what the current status is.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 23:33, Denis de Leeuw Duarte <deleeuwduarte@stcorp.nl> wrote:
Dear list,

what is the status of Stage-support for the camera interface? Can
Stage generate fake camera- or ptz images or not?

I'm running Stage version 3.2.2, and while Stage is reporting that it
doesn't support the camera or ptz interfaces, there does exist a
p_ptz.cc file somewhere in the Stage source tree. It is not included
in the cmake build (doesn't compile when I include it manually) and
there appear to be only stubs for the camera interface. Given that
there is already a perspective viewing mode in Stage, it shouldn't be
too difficult to export stills as video I think... is something like
this in the works?



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