Right it seems that is player and no my client to crash. My client output that there isn't socket to write but it's normal when player crash (I think). So can u say me how i can run player in gdb debugger? I don't konw correct syntax
tnx alot

Date: 5-ago-2007 22.22
Subject: Re: [Playerstage-users] Cmvision initialization error
To: playerstage-users@lists.sourceforge.net

On Aug 4, 2007, at 7:00 AM, Manolo Forastiere wrote:

> Sometimes I have problem when try to subscribe a blobfinder after a
> previous unsubscribe command. I get this messages:
> cmvision initzializing....segment fault
> or
> cmvision initzializing... fg_......... (i don't remember) error
> about a channel
> And my client output that there isn't socket to write

Player (not your client program) is crashing, right?

Run player inside gdb and send a backtrace after the crash.


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