okay I've find out that I've to inform playerjoy where to find the joystick
I do this with the -dev  
option, e.g.:

$ playerjoy -dev /dev/input/js0 localhost:6665

playerjoy seams to work now because no error messages are printed. But I have still no response when using the joystick. If I use the keybord it works. By the way I use a gamepad and no joystick. Does this make any difference?


2009/7/24 Richard Vaughan <rtvaughan@gmail.com>
> I try to steer the simulation by a joystick. I know this is possible when
> using Player and Stage by “playerjoy”. But how to do when I only use
> libstage? I couldn't find any class describing a joystick control in
> libstage. Is there something in libstage, which one could use to read the
> joystick information or do I have create something outside of libstage? Also
> here, I would be thankful if someone have done something similar previously
> and could send me an example.

There is no built-in support for joysticks in Stage. As far as I know,
there is not yet a Stage controller that reads joysticks either.
Writing one would be pretty easy - just take my old playerjoy Player
client program and adapt it for Stage.


Richard Vaughan
Autonomy Lab / Computing Science / Simon Fraser University

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