Dear Player/Stage community,

I would like to ask your help on energy modeling aspects in Stage. In general, I'm performing PhD related experiments and I need to calculate consumed energy of simulated robots. 
As far as I understand, Stage have build-in energy related features. I have investigated shared examples (fasr and fasr2 worlds), they are working well. However I have  a bunch of questions, answers on which I hope to get from you. :)

First of all, there are a lot of undocumented Stage model properties used in examples. I guess the purpose of some of them, but it would be great to get clear description.
- watts 
- kjoules
- kjoules_capacity
- joules -1
- take_watts
- give_watts
Are these applicable for any Stage model, or only for rangers as it demonstrated in example?

Secondly, does energy modeling facilities work with Player? Provided examples are using Stage modules for controlling the robots. Is it possible to control robots via Player and still get energy related features?
So far I was able to "reproduce" charging behavior from examples by using {take/give}_watts properties ("stored" and "input" values are changing). However, I was not able to get any energy output value (it remains unchanged at 0). Robots were controlled from playerv utility.
Does it mean that energy output is calculated only when device is controlled by Stage module?

Software used:
Ubuntu 11.10 / 12.04
Stage 4.1.1  (git checkout 13e03ee0068d6dfc7384cff9ee1ff22272729985 – January version with working grippers :)
Player v.3.1.0-svn
JavaPlayerLib v.3 + own modifications

An extra question, is it possible to specify visualization options from world file? I mean View -> Filter data... window check-boxes. 

I'm looking forward for your help. 
Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Best regards,