Dear Prof. Vaughan,

Many thanks - any suggestion how to modify it for Stage 3.X.X ? (I am on Stage 3.2.2, the 'cmake' works fine, with 'make' I get issues which seem typical to Stage 3 and Stage 4 compatibility (viz. Ranger)).



On 21 October 2011 05:07, Richard Vaughan <> wrote:

Following a request by Mani Monajjemi for a better way to get started
writing Stage controllers, I have created a near-empty template
controller with a build script that works on Linux and OS X, and some
tips (repeated from the Stage README) on setting your environment.
It's ready for you to fork on GitHub, which will be a handy way to
share controllers.

clone it directly with

git clone git://

Please start by reading the README file. Enjoy writing Stage controllers.

- rtv (

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