I am new to Player/Stage and I am following Jennifer Owen's tutorial to learn it. I successfully complied the "bigbob.cc" for controlling a robot and added "bigbob" in worldfie. However when I run the command "player empty.cfg", I get the following error:

Libtool error: file not found. Can't open your plugin controller. Quitting
err: Failed to open "bigbob". Check that it can be found by searching the directories in your STAGEPATH environment variable, or the current directory if STAGEPATH is not set.]
 (/builddir/build/BUILD/Stage-4.0.0-src/libstage/model_load.cc LoadControllerModule)
libtool error #2

I echoed STAGEPATH and it was blank so I exported to include "/usr/lib" (as suggested in one of the postings) however it still gives me the same error. I was able to run "simple.cfg" without any problem even before I exported STAGEPATH. What am I missing? Please help.