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I am trying to use the wavefront driver to do global path planning as per
the manual on player-3.0.2 and stage-3.2.2.I combined the mapfile, amcl, vfh
and the wavefront  driver and player works fine. My cfg file
http://old.nabble.com/file/p34882277/base.cfg base.cfg . and my basic code
for navigating a robot is as follows..

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
using namespace PlayerCc;

double forwardSpeed, turnSpeed;

PlayerClient robot("localhost");
Position2dProxy pp(&robot,0);
PlannerProxy plp(&robot, 0);
plp.SetGoalPose(3.0, -6.0, 0.0);
return 0;

But when i run  this code , following error has displayed..

..... Stage plugin:  6665.position2d.0 is "r0"
 Stage plugin:  6665.sonar.0 is "r0.ranger:0"
 Stage plugin:  6665.laser.0 is "r0.laser:0"
base.cfg:42 warning: field [safety_dist] is defined but not used
listening on 6665
Listening on ports: 6665
accepted TCP client 0 on port 6665, fd 11
stage driver setup
warn: Stage ignores motor power state (1)
(/home/punit/Stage-3.2.2-Source/libstageplugin/p_position.cc ProcessMessage)

robot radius: 0.190
MapFile loading image file:
MapFile read a 640 X 480 map, at 0.100 m/pix
Wavefront: Loading map from map:0...
scale: 0.100
Generating C-space....
new goal: 3.000000, -6.000000, 0.000000
closing TCP connection to client 0 on port 6665
warning : Wavefront missed deadline and not sleeping; check machine load
Stage driver has been shutdown

Does anyone have a clue why this error message comes ? I m very new to

What error?  Is the Player server crashing?  I see some warnings, but no errors.  I think part of the problem is your client program just sets a waypoint and then exits.  When your client exits, Player shuts down all of its drivers since none of them are in use.  You should modify it to loop until your robot reaches its goal, or use the "alwayson" flag in your config file.