Thanks for your fast answer!
Yep, you're right - I installed my OpenCV by myself, following this tutorial :- and it's actually placed in usr/local/ not in usr/

I'm planning to reinstall OpenCV so it'll be placed in usr/, not in any local directory.

If I'll still have problems, I'll send you what you've asked for, or if everything goes fine - I'll let you know, that it's working !


2013/1/16 Rich Mattes <>

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 8:17 AM, Dagna Bieda <> wrote:
Hi guys!
Recently I've installed ubuntu on my new computer then I installed OpenCV 2.4.1 and it turned out that they changed their philosophy a bit and 2.4.1 is not reverse compatible :/ Now they use using namespace cv; and all the functions don't have cv prefix anymore.

Player is compatible with OpenCV 2.4.  We've had it in Fedora since July with no issues.  The old style C API still exists, the cv namespace is for the new C++ API that's been introduced in parallel.
When making player-3.0.2 I get following errors:
libplayerdrivers/ undefined reference to `cvCreateImage'
libplayerdrivers/ undefined reference to `cvLaplace'

The fact that you're seeing "undefined reference" errors means that Player has already gotten past the step where it compiled all of its source files.  That rules out any API issues (e.g. the cvCreateImage function still exists in a header file somewhere.)  It's now trying to link against OpenCV's libraries ( and friends) and failing.  This may be due to having OpenCV on a non-standard path (like /usr/local) without properly setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Did you install OpenCV yourself, or did you use packages provided by your distribution?

To debug further, we need:
* The location of and the rest of the OpenCV libraries on your system
* The output of CMake when you run it to build Player
* The full compiler command line that was run which produced the error ("make VERBOSE=1" will reveal it)


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